Thursday, March 12, 2009

French Silk (1994) TV Movie

In steamy, sexy, sultry New Orleans, a police detective doesn't know whether to arrest his prime suspect or make love to her after he unexpectedly finds himself in a passionate and torrid affair with an accused killer in this erotic thriller. Assigned to investigate the beautiful owner of a lingerie company implicated in a heinous crime, an unwitting cop becomes trapped in a tangled web of murder, deception and lust. As the investigation (and desire between suspect and cop) heats up, the detective begins to believe his lover's story of innocence. Despite mounting evidence, the cop decides to do whatever it takes, including break the law, to help the woman prove she is innocent of murder.

French Silk (1994) TV Movie
Cast: Bobby Hosea, Lee Horsley, R. Lee Ermey, Sarah Marshall, Shari Belafonte, Susan Lucci

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