Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Religion (1980) (TV)

3 separate religion shows from the Seattle area, circa 1980.

Hollywood's Private Home Movies (1983) (TV)

Special show with actual home movies of celebrities vintage '83. All shot on film (not video) and naturally aged.

Hollywood's Private Home Movies (1983) (TV)
Host: Bill Cosby

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hard Time on Planet Earth (1989) TV series

Jesse, an alien is sent to Earth and finds himself in Los Angeles. His only companion is a floating, orb-shaped parole officer named Control. Doomed to stay on Earth until he can show compassion, Control helps him to lead as normal a life as possible and to keep out of trouble.

Season 1, Episode 2
Something to Bank On
8 March 1989

Season 1, Episode 8
The Hot Dog Man
26 April 1989

Season 1, Episode 10
Rodeo Show
10 May 1989

Hard Time on Planet Earth (1989) TV series
Cast: Danny Mann, Martin Kove, Timothy Blake, Vance Colvig

Grace Under Fire (1993) TV series 1993-1998

Grace is a recovering alcoholic, now divorced from an abusive marriage, struggling to bring up 2.4 children on her own.

Season 1, Episode 6
Sister, Sister
3 November 1993

Season 1, Episode 10
Say Goodnight, Gracie
8 December 1993

Season 2, Episode 1
Grace Under Water
20 September 1994

Season 3, Episode 5
Grace Under A Wig
18 October 1995

Season 3, Episode 23
Take Me To Your Breeder
1 May 1996

Season 4, Episode 24
Rob vs. Jimmy
6 May 1997

Grace Under Fire (1993) TV series 1993-1998
Cast: Brett Butler, Casey Sander, Cole Sprouse, Dave Thomas, Kaitlin Cullum, Walter Olkewicz

Monday, March 29, 2010

Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983) (TV)

Hosted by Richard Pryor. A high point is the Jackson Brothers all performing together. I don't know who wanted to see Stuart Leslie Goddard (Adam Ant) sing the Motown classic, "Where Did Our Love Go?" but I doubt it was anyone in the audience from their tone. Don't let it get in the way of your enjoyment. 

Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983) (TV)
Performers: Adam Ant, Nick Ashford, Cindy Birdsong, Dick Clark, José Feliciano, Marvin Gaye, Berry Gordy, Howard Hesseman, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Eddie Kendricks, Lawrence Payton, Richard Pryor, Martha Reeves, Tim Reid, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Linda Ronstadt, Diana Ross, David Ruffin, Valerie Simpson, Levi Stubbs, Junior Walker, Mary Wells, Billy Dee Williams, Mary Wilson, Stevie Wonder

Night Stand (1995) TV series 1995-1998

"Night Stand" was a fake talk show hosted by lovable, Dick Dietrick, played masterfully by Timothy Stack. A Springer/Ricky Lake- type show, the "Dick Dietrick Show" would bring on guests that not even fans of the entire outrageous talk show genre would want to see.

Season 1, Episode 14
I'm Sorry
April 1996

Season 1, Episode 22
Post Office Show
April 1996

Season 1, Episode 37
The Making of a President

Season 1, Episode 39
Secret Crush Show

Night Stand (1995) TV series 1995-1998
Cast: Tim Stack, Assorted

Olivia (1982) (TV)

Opens with a long retrospective of her career to that point. Sickly sweet but pure Olivia.

AKA - Olivia in Concert (1982) (TV)

Olivia (1982) (TV)
Cast: Olivia Newton-John

Sunday, March 28, 2010

People Weekly Magazine on TV (1989) (TV)

Hosted by Bree Walker, multi-segmented presentation with each having a unique cover. Some quick notes, the little girl is Alexa Ray Joel. She attempted suicide December 5th, 2009. The woman behind bars is Elizabeth Morgan, involved in a bitter child custody suit in the late eighties. Skipping ahead to the last segment with the iconic Ryan White we see a stoic young man who speaks optimistically about taking things, "five years at a time" and hoping for new medicines. This broadcast is from August 1989, Ryan dies on 8 April 1990, about 8 months later. Five years would have been extraordinary.

People Weekly Magazine on TV (1989) (TV)
Host: Bree Walker

Palace Guard (1991) TV series

After leaving "Santa Barbara", actress Marcy Walker starred in this show that produced 6 episodes (only 4 aired).

Season 1, Episode 3
Simian Enchanted Evening
25 October 1991

Palace Guard (1991) TV series
Cast: D.W. Moffett, Marcy Walker, Tony Lo Bianco

Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met (1986) (TV)

In all his manic glory.

Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met (1986) (TV)
Cast: Robin Williams

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Sports America (1985) (TV)

Motorsports of all varieties covered in a nationally syndicated weekly format.

NHRA Gatornationals
Gainesville, Florida

Super Sports America (1985) (TV)

Small Wonder (1985) TV series 1985-1989

A little girl who is in reality a robot lives amongst an unknowing public. Nothing sinister, just pure fun. Not as good as "Out of This World", the little girl has a flat delivery that is annoying and the writing and storylines were dreadful. Definitely for kids.

Season 2, Episode 11
The Shoplifter
22 November 1986

Small Wonder (1985) TV series 1985-1989
Cast: Dick Christie, Emily Schulman, Jerry Supiran, Marla Pennington, Tiffany Brissette

World Figure Skating Championships (1992) (TV)

From Oakland, California, the Women's finals of the World Figure Skating Championships.

World Figure Skating Championships (1992) (TV)

Winning Hand, The (1985) (TV)

Based upon the MONUMENT RECORDS hit album of the same name.

With a tuxedo wearing Johnny Cash hosting the four greats, Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Brenda Lee. Too good for words, how this isn't available commercially is a thought. Mr. Cash is the host but he also performs, singing a beautiful Kris Kristofferson song that I don't recognize, something about Mehatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ. An excellent production with very little acknowledgement.

The Winning Hand (1985) (TV)
Host: Johnny Cash

Barbara Mandrell: The Lady Is a Champ (1983) (TV)

Excellent early 80s Barbara Mandrell country music concert filmed at Nashville's Tennessee Performing Center.

Fellow entertainers for the evening are; Bobby Jones and the New Life Singers, Young Blades of Bluegrass, The Do-Rights, The Scott Salmon Dancers, The Nashville String Machine & The Nashville Horn Works under the direction of Dennis McCarthy. This is 90 minutes of live entertainment that really moves. It's frenetic, it's wholesome and it's respectful. A great watch.

Barbara Mandrell: The Lady Is a Champ (1983) (TV)
Cast: Barbara Mandrell, Dennis McCarthy, Bobby Jones

America's All-Star Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (1989) (TV)

The title doesn't say it all. This is to honor Ms. Taylor on being an honoree of a "Hope Award", as in Bob and Dolores Hope. This is from a huge unnamed concert hall in Palm Desert, California; expect to see many faces from the oldies. You know you're in for a good time when the first person to the podium is the stud that was Charles Bronson. This is a grand celebration, Black Tie all the way. Overall a great evening, super star power and Stevie sings a personalized version of "I Just Called To Say...".

America's All-Star Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (1989) (TV)
Cast: Angela Lansbury, Beau Bridges, Bob Hope, Burt Bacharach, Carol Burnett, Charles Bronson, Cyd Charisse, Dudley Moore, Kenny Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Robert Stack, Roddy McDowall, Stevie Wonder

Annie McGuire (1988) TV series

Newlyweds Anne and Nick McGuire both bring a great deal of personal history to their marriage.

Season 1, Episode 6
The Ferry
7 December 1988
Season 1, Episode7
Lewis in Love
14 December 1988

Annie McGuire (1988) TV series
Cast: Denis Arndt, Eileen Heckart, John Randolph, Mary Tyler Moore

227 (1985) TV series 1985-1990

This series took place in an apartment building, numbered 227. The cast would frequently be found sitting outside on a large set of stone stairs.

Season 2, Episode 6
Pillow Talk
22 November 1986

227 (1985) TV series 1985-1990
Cast: Alaina Reed-Hall, Curtis Baldwin, Hal Williams, Helen Martin, Jackée Harry, Marla Gibbs, Regina King

240-Robert (1979) TV series 1979-1981

The missions of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Emergency Services Detail.

Season 1, Episode 2
3 September 1979

Season 1, Episode 3
10 September 1979

Season 1, Episode 4
17 September 1979

Season 1, Episode 5
Acting Sargeant
24 September 1979

Season 1, Episode 7
Out of Sight
15 October 1979

Season 1, Episode 13
Oil and Water
3 January 1979

240-Robert (1979) TV series 1979-1981
Cast: Brian Frishman, Jeffrey Bannister, Jenilee Harrison, Joanna Cassidy, John Bennett Perry, Mark Harmon, Pamela Hensley

Friday, March 26, 2010

Special Friendship, A (1987) TV Movie

A story of post-Civil War racism and it's affect on two young ladies.

A Special Friendship (1987) TV Movie
Cast: Akosua Busia, Cynthia Harris, Josef Sommer, LaShaunna Brown, LeVar Burton, Michael Mattison, Nate Bynum, Patricia Elliott, Richard Brooks, Tom Aldredge, Tracy Pollan, William Newman

100 Lives of Black Jack Savage, The (1991) TV series

Long ago the evil pirate Black Jack Savage ruled over the sea. However, he was finally captured and was hanged for his crimes in the courtyard of his own castle.

Season 1, Episode 1
5 April 1991

Season 1, Episode 2
A Pirate Story
5 April 1991

The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage (1991) TV series
Cast: Bert Rosario, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Roma Downey, Roya Megnot, Steve Hytner, Steven Williams

Almost Grown (1988) TV series 1988-1989

In some ways, Norman and Suzie are a very typical American couple. This hour-long drama used flashbacks to recall important events in the lives of a divorced couple. The couple both shared in the duties of raising their two children. The story was complicated by the fact that they were still in love with each other. Despite great acting by the likes of Tim Daly, Eve Gordon and Marcia Cross the show did not catch on and lasted only a few episodes.

Season 1, Episode 2
If That Diamond Ring Don't Shine
28 November 1988

Season 1, Episode 4
Santa Claus Got Stuck in My Chimney
12 December 1988

Season 1, Episode 5
Take It Slow
2 January 1989

Season 1, Episode 9
Joey's 15 Minutes
20 February 1989

Season 1, Episode 10
The Root of All Evil
27 February 1989

Almost Grown (1988) TV series 1988-1989
Cast: Anita Gillette, Malcolm Stewart, Michael Alldredge, Ocean Hellman, Richard Schaal, Rita Taggart, Tim Daly

Eighties, The (1989) (TV)

This is probably the best work either Brokaw or Pauley have ever done, individually or collectively, and ironically it isn't listed on either bio. Tons of other junk, but this great show, no way. From late in December 1989, Tom and Jane walk us through the decade that was the eighties. Excellent editing and composition using the deep archives of the NBC news machine, literally from 5 seconds in you'll see memory jogging imagery. Special footage of the Berlin Wall before and during it's destruction, the Soviet Union (USSR), Vanessa Williams, Pete Rose, Jim and Tammy Faye, and best of all Ronald Reagan. It's not perfect, there's an environmental segment that's a miss. You'll hear Jane say "global warming" and sound the alarm about what to expect for the next two decades. There's much more and it ends with a touching, long obituary roll call. A very nice way to close out a decade. Bravo.

The Eighties (1989) (TV)
Hosts: Jane Pauley, Tom Brokaw

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Underground Man, The (1974) TV Movie

A private detective goes after the kidnappers of his ex-girlfriend's son and becomes involved in a series of murders.

Classic fare from the seventies with perfect casting starring the late, great Peter Graves. Mr. Graves passed recently, a great American, a great man, a class act.

The Underground Man (1974) TV Movie
Cast: Biff McGuire, Celeste Holm, Jack Klugman, Jim Hutton, Jo Ann Pflug, Kay Lenz, Peter Graves, Sharon Farrell, Vera Miles

Father Dowling Mysteries (1989) TV series 1989-1991

In the spirit of "Murder, She Wrote" and "Diagnosis Murder", this series also features a main character in an unlikely profession for solving murders. Wherever Father Dowling and his assistant Sister Oskowsky go, someone turns up dead.

Season 1, Episode 1-2
The Missing Body Mystery
20 January 1989

Father Dowling Mysteries (1989) TV series 1989-1991
Cast: James Stephens, Mary Wickes, Regina Krueger, Tom Bosley, Tracy Nelson

Cher... at the Mirage (1990) (TV)

The mighty Cher, circa 1990, some might say at her prime. Great show with a groovy opening segment that follows her private jet (the logo can be seen on the tail) as it flies into town. The footage is from a chase plane and it lasts for about a minute. Good Stuff.

Cher... at the Mirage (1990) (TV)
Cast: Cher

Almost Perfect (1995) TV series 1995-1996

Nancy Travis plays Kim Cooper, a producer/writer for the TV show 'Blue Justice'. I remember this being a funny show that seemed to go away too soon.

Season 1, Episode 5
Your Place of Mine?
15 October 1995

Almost Perfect (1995) TV series 1995-1996
Cast: Chip Zien, David Clennon, Kevin Kilner, Matt Letscher, Nancy Travis

Great Performances (1972) TV series 1972-Current

Great Performances is the longest running performing arts anthology show on television.

Season 18, Episode 4
Show Boat
27 October 1989

Season 18, Episode 5
An Evening with Alan Jay Lerner
24 November 1989

Season 20, Episode 4
Unforgettable, with Love: Natalie Cole Sings the Songs of Nat King Cole
6 March 1992

Season 23, Episode 2
Les Miserables in Concert
14 October 1995

Season 28, Episode 3
My Favourite Broadway: The Leading Ladies
Linda Eder - Man of La Mancha
Andrea McArdle - Silver Lining/Tomorrow
Jennifer Holliday - And I'm Telling You
Priscilla Lopez - Nothing
Nell Carter - Mean To Me
Liza Minelli - Some People
Audra McDonald, Marin Mazzie & Judy Kuhn
Andrew Lloyd Weber Medley
Rebecca Luker - Falling in Love with Love
Anna Kendrick & The Kit-Kat Girls
Life Upon the Wicked Stage
Audra McDonald - Down with Love
Karen Ziemba - I Wanna Be A Rockette
Lea Delaria - I Can Cook Too
Faith Prince - Adelaide's Lament
Elaine Stritch - The Ladies Who Lunch
1 December 1999

Great Performances (1972) TV series 1972-Current
Cast: Assorted

Whole New Light, A (1987) (TV)

This is classic TV. When the Fox Television Network came to be in 1987, they used this show to preview the newer than new lineup. Very nostalgic viewing. This is a half-hour broadcast, unedited.

On April 5, 1987
History Will Be Made.
Fox Broadcasting
Presents Prime Time
In A Whole New Light.
For The Next 30 Minutes
You'll See Highlights
From The Debut Episodes
As Fox Broadcasting
Changes The Face Of

A Whole New Light (1987) (TV)
Host: Ann Smith

Just My Imagination (1992) TV Movie

A woman lives a normal, quiet life in a small town until the day when a famous rock star who went to college with her quotes and cites her in one of his songs.

Fun movie with better than average casting. We love Cristine Rose and Mary Kay Place is always good.

Just My Imagination (1992) TV Movie
Cast: Audra Lindley, Cristine Rose, Ernie Sabella, Gilbert Lewis, Jack Betts, Jean Smart, Mary Kay Place, Orson Bean, Pat Carroll, Richard Gilliland, Tom Wopat

Little Spies (1986) TV Movie

When a bunch of kids lose their adopted dog to the mean owner of a puppy kennel, Jimmy the Hermit (Mickey Rooney), a reclusive WW2 hero takes a shine to them. Harkening back to his wartime experiences, Jimmy organizes the neighborhood kids into a "commando raid" of the kennel to rescue the pooch. The main characters are direct from the standard Disney stereotype manual, right down to the nerdish kid with glasses and the funny fat one. Little Spies first aired on October 5, 1986. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Little Spies (1986) TV Movie
Cast: Adam Carl, Candace Cameron Bure, James Tolkan, Jason Hervey, Mickey Rooney, Peter Smith, Robert Costanzo, Scott Nemes, Sean Hall

Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Special (1990) (TV)

Self-serving celebration of all things Disneyland. Lots of remembrances and good feelings from the likes of Tony Danza, the cast of "Cheers", Miss Piggy and the Muppets, Jim Varney, Charles Fleischer, President Reagan, Chris Demetral and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Fun look at the park circa 1990, not that I would know firsthand but I'm guessing it's changed a bit!

Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Special (1990) (TV)
Cast: Tony Danza, Jim Varney, Charles Fleischer, Ronald Reagan, Will Smith

Heroes of Desert Storm, The (1991) TV Movie

Dramatizations and real-life footage combine to make this TV movie.
Good military footage, an opening comment from then President Bush, and what we now know is a mission accomplished make this worth the watch.

The Heroes of Desert Storm (1991) TV Movie
Cast: Angela Bassett, Blaise Delacroix, Chris Ohlmeyer, Daniel Baldwin, Gary Hershberger, Kevin Kilner, Kris Kamm, Michael Champion, Tim Russ, William Bumiller

Roe vs. Wade (1989) TV Movie

Holly Hunter plays a lonely (irrelevant), single (as are many people), poorly educated (who's fault?), Texan(?) who finds herself pregnant (she was unaware of 'where babies come from?') with no (apparent) means to support a child. This movie is a disgrace.

Roe vs. Wade (1989) TV Movie
Cast: Alycia Grant, Amy Madigan, Chris Mulkey, Dion Anderson, Holly Hunter, Jerry Hardin, Kathy Bates, Ken Jenkins, Kevin Cooney, Marnie Andrews, Paul Lambert, Terry O'Quinn

Karen Carpenter Story, The (1989) TV Movie

Story of the meteoric rise and sudden fall of Karen Carpenter, who became a famous singer before battling anorexia and bulemia.

Good movie, little cheesy (this is a TV movie) but great subject matter. The Carpenters were the greatest.

Love the Gibb!

The Karen Carpenter Story (1989) TV Movie
Cast: Carrie Mitchum, Cynthia Gibb, Kip Gilman, Louise Fletcher, Mitchell Anderson, Peter Michael Goetz, Scott Burkholder

Stillwatch (1987) TV Movie

Television journalist, Patricia Traymore, moves to Washington to do an in-depth interview with vice presidential hopeful, Senator Abigail Winslow. Wonder Woman at her non-superhero best.

Stillwatch (1987) TV Movie
Cast: Angie Dickinson, Barry Primus, Bibi Osterwald, Don Murray, Gary Werntz, John Wesley, Louise Latham, Lynda Carter, Stuart Whitman, Walter Olkewicz

Stranger Waits, A (1987) TV Movie

Suspense thriller. Frankly, didn't hold my attention. More for mystery fans than casual viewing. Suzanne Pleshette is beautiful as usual.

A Stranger Waits (1987) TV Movie
Cast: Ann Wedgeworth, Justin Deas, Kenneth Welsh, Paul Benjamin, Suzanne Pleshette, Tom Atkins

Jackie Gleason: The Great One (1988) (TV)

Fabulous production, half tribute and half retrospective, hosted by another legend, John Candy. Candy's love for the "Great One" is obvious as is the respect and admiration of all those in attendance at the Black Tie event. Tons of clips and archival footage.

Jackie Gleason: The Great One (1988) (TV)
Cast: Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Jackie Gleason, Jane Curtin, Jane Kean, John Candy, John Larroquette, Joyce Randolph, Sheila MacRae, Sue Ane Langdon, Teri Garr