Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friendships, Secrets and Lies (1979) TV Movie

Based on Babs H. Deal's novel The Walls Came Tumbling Down, Friendships, Secrets and Lies is about...just what the title says it's about. An old college building is bulldozed, revealing the skeleton of a newborn baby stuffed in the air shaft. Forensic tests prove that the infant died twenty years earlier, at which time the building had served as a girl's sorority house. Seven students were living in the house at the time of the death, and all currently live in the same city; at least six of these ladies had opportunity, and possibly motive, for the baby's murder. With the notable exception of the director of photography, virtually the entire cast and crew of Friendships, Secrets and Lies was female.

Friendships, Secrets and Lies (1979) TV Movie
Cast: Cathryn Damon, Loretta Swit, Paula Prentiss, Shelley Fabares, Sondra Locke, Stella Stevens, Tina Louise

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