Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hotline (1982) TV Movie

'Hotline,' Thriller on CBS, Stars Lynda Carter

Tomorrow at 9 on CBS-TV, ''Hotline'' features Lynda Carter, formerly Wonder Woman, in a moderately suspenseful thriller written by David E. Peckinpah. Miss Carter plays Brianne O'Neil, who pays for her art-school lessons by tending bar at a place called the Shadow Box. The owner is Kyle (Monte Markham), who used to be the stunt double for his famous actor friend Tom (Steve Forrest). One evening, Justin (Granville Van Dusen), a psychiatrist, comes into the bar for a cup of coffee and offers Brianne an additional job answering phones at his crisis ''hotline'' center.

But when Brianne starts picking up the phones, a heavy breather materializes on the other end, giving her ''clues'' that turn out to be connected with grisly murders. The calls become more frequent. All men in Brianne's immediate vicinity become suspect. As usual in these television movies, the prime suspect has to be the actor who is getting top billing but does not seem to have much to do until the final scene. Something had to attract him to the role.

Other than that, Brianne and Justin seem to drink great quantities of coffee. Whenever matters become really tense, there is usually a line like, ''Here, drink this while it's hot.'' They could use a crisis center themselves.

Hotline (1982) TV Movie
Cast: Frank Stallone, Granville Van Dusen, James Booth, Lynda Carter, Monte Markham, Nick Angotti, Steve Forrest

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