Sunday, March 15, 2009

Many Happy Returns (1986) TV Movie

Every so often, the Internal Revenue Service randomly targets an "average" taxpayer for an excruciatingly meticulous audit -- usually to meet a quota, or simply (as in the case of this seriocomic TV movie) to ram the fear of God into the rest of America. One such unlucky target is Bud Robinson (George Segal), owner of a moderately successful sporting goods store, whose life is thrown into utter chaos by a renegade IRS administrator. Unwilling to merely bend over and take it when he is slapped with a bill for 28,000 dollars, Bud vows vengeance against his local tax office -- and he gets it, albeit in an extreme manner that might not meet approval with contemporary, post-9/11 viewers. Made for television, the breezily satirical "Many Happy Returns" was originally telecast by CBS, not (as one might assume) on April 15, but instead on September 19, 1986. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Many Happy Returns (1986) TV Movie
Cast: Cynthia Belliveau, George Segal, Helen Shaver, Ron Leibman, Walter Olkewicz

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