Monday, March 16, 2009

Night Cries (1978) TV Movie

Expectant mother Susan Saint James goes into labor and is carted off to a somewhat forbidding hospital. When she awakens, she is told that her baby has died. The grieving Saint James reluctantly resumes her life as a schoolteacher. But not long afterward, she is haunted by bizarre dreams, indicating that her child is in fact alive. Someone knows the whole truth: is it her helpful husband Michael Parks, jovial doctor William Conrad, slyly smiling nurse Dolores Dorn, or sinister Cathleen Nesbitt? The made-for-television "Night Cries" first spooked its way into American living rooms on January 29, 1978.

Night Cries (1978) TV Movie
Cast: Cathleen Nesbitt, Michael Parks, Susan Saint James, William Conrad

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