Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not in My Family (1993) TV Movie

A woman experiences strange feelings and fleeting memories about her childhood after the birth of her first child. She seeks help from her estranged sister and realizes these memories connect to the childhood sexual abuse that the sister endured. The woman's marriage and family life begin to deteriorate, along with the once close relationship she enjoyed with her father. Eventually, she realizes that she too was abused. After facing the truth, she realizes that her brother's young daughter is often left in the care of "grandpa" and is also being abused. With the typical resistance of family members to deal with the proof, the adult children finally face their very prominent father and their distant mother, ending her denial. With both guilt and courage they band together and prosecute their father for the sexual abuse of his granddaughter. This is an above average movie about the insidious nature of childhood sexual abuse, being passed from generation to generation. Though, the feel-good ending may not be the most realistic, it is satisfying.

Not in My Family (1993) TV Movie
Cast: Dina Merrill, Joanna Kerns, Laura Owens, Michael Brandon, Richard Gilliland, Shelley Hack, Tony Roberts, Valerie Landsburg

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