Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nowhere to Hide (1994) TV Movie

Sarah Blake (Rosanna Arquette) has no sooner received a whoppingly lucrative divorce settlement, including the house in Aspen, when her Mercedes is destroyed by gunmen. Enter Federal agent Kevin Nicholas (Scott Bakula), telling Sarah that there is a contract out on her life - it seems her husband was involved with mobsters - and that she and her young son, Sam (Max Pomeranc), should enter a Federal Witness Protection Program. As threats and actual violence proliferate, Sarah, Max and the protective Kevin end up on the run, stopping at places like San Francisco, Vancouver and an isolated farmhouse in British Columbia. With Mr. Bakula doing a neat button-down, monosyllabic Jack Webb turn and Ms. Arquette fastening on vintage Barbara Stanwyck, the suspense surprisingly withstands a series of improbable twists and turns. Credit the producer Stan Rogow ("Shannon's Deal") for a deliciously slick production.

Nowhere to Hide (1994) TV Movie
Cast: Clifton Powell, Jenny Gago, Max Pomeranc, Richmond Arquette, Rosanna Arquette, Scott Bakula

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