Friday, May 1, 2009

Murder of the Century - Evelyn Nesbit (TV) (1995)

Originally aired as an installment of the highly acclaimed PBS series "The American Experience", this is the story of the murder that scandalized New York society at the turn of the century.

The documentary tells the story of the beautiful Evelyn Nesbit, famous stage actress and "Gibson Girl", and her role in the murder of New York's leading architect, Stanford White.

First White's lover, the social climbing Nesbit eventually married the eccentric heir to a railroad fortune, Harry K. Thaw. Thaw was obsessed by White, hated him, and hated the fact that his wife had one been White's lover. Nesbit played off Thaw's jealousy until it led to murder.

The documentary is wonderful, and shows the feeding frenzy of the turn-of-the-century press, on which CNN has nothing.

Murder of the Century - Evelyn Nesbit (TV) (1995)
Host: David Ogden Stiers

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