Friday, June 12, 2009

Hallmark Hall of Fame (1951) TV series 1951-Current

One of the longest-running anthology series on television, the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" has been presenting television dramatizations of famous plays and books, as well as original programs especially written for the series, since 1951.

Season 36, Episode 1
James Garner, James Woods, Piper Laurie
21 December 1986

Season 37, Episode 3
Stones for Ibarra
Glenn Close, Keith Carradine, Kamala Lopez
21 December 1986

Season 37, Episode 4
April Morning
Robert Urich, Chad Lowe, Rip Torn
24 April 1988

Season 38, Episode 1
The Tenth Man
Anthony Hopkins, Kristin Scott Thomas, Derek Jacobi, Cyril Cusack, Brenda Bruce, Timothy Watson
4 December 1988

Season 38, Episode 2
Home Fires Burning
Barnard Hughes, Sada Thompson, Robert Prosky, Bill Pullman, Elizabeth Berridge, Neil Patrick Harris, Brad Sullivan, William Duell, Warde Q. Butler, Wallace Wilkinson, Ric Reitz, Kyle Chandler
29 January 1989

Season 39, Episode 3
Stephanie Zimbalist, Pamela Reed, George Grizzard, Patricia Neal
29 April 1990

Hallmark Hall of Fame (1951) TV series 1951-Current
Cast: Assorted

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