Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mysteries of the Pyramids (1988) (TV)

From; a short documentary about famous mysteries of Egypt. This video explores more than just the pyramids at Giza. Omar Sharif also talks about the Sphinx and Tutenkhamun's tomb. He over-dramatizes these "mysteries." In fact, most scholars of Egyptology are in agreement that there is little mystery in when these monuments were built and who built them. Sharif also expresses his own personal views of the pyramids and the Sphinx, trying to convince the audience that there is some mysterious reason for their existence. Also, he examined the "curse of the mummies." This discussion has no basis in reality, and in fact is just wild imagination. I recommend viewing this video only if you want to be humored by Sharif. Don't watch this video expecting to be enlightened about the pyramids.

Mysteries of the Pyramids (1988) (TV)
Host: Omar Sharif

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