Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girl in the Watermelon, The (1994)

This charming comedy follows the quest of a young girl to find her unknown father through the vivid streets of New York. The film begins in Brooklyn as 17-year old Sam again asks her mother about her estranged father and again receives no answers. The determined girl then sneaks a look into her mother's 1976 datebook to look for clues. She finds two potential fathers and so writes each of them a letter of introduction. One of the men is a Latino trumpet player. He is also a womanizer. The other is Anglo, owns an art gallery, is very wealthy, and gay. Both of them are delighted at the prospect of having a daughter. Sam must now find a balance between her mom and two dads. The two disparate men teach her much about the diversity of life outside of Brooklyn. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

The Girl in the Watermelon (1994)
Cast: Michael Allinson, Jon Avner, Steven Mark Friedman, Jose Herrera, Meredith Scott Lynn, Darryl McCane, Michele Pawk, Lázaro Pérez, Jamie Lynn Reif, Steve Stahl

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