Thursday, May 26, 2011

Television's Comedy Classics (1996) (TV)

More of the same clip-mania, with 40 of the funniest comics of all-time performing their 40 funniest all-time routines. At least that's what is promised. What we get is another anthology show with some real tired sitcom footage interspersed with some mediocre, (or simply dated) stand-up comedy routines. Stand-up is best when given time to build a finish, clips taken out of context to hype the "funny" part are counter-productive. The best part of this show, you ask? The great, late Leslie Nielsen as your host. With many skits and goofy side-nonsense, he carries the show from the opening line, (... so the cowboy looks up at the proctologist and says,'Why not? Where else can you get 3 hamburgers for 99 cents?') and does all the narration. He was a genuinely funny guy, his mannerisms, his delivery, he had it all.

Television's Comedy Classics (1996) (TV)
Host: Leslie Nielsen

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