Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Famous Teddy Z, The (1989) TV series 1989-1990

The classic Hollywood rags to riches tale. John Cryer plays Teddy, a young man just out of the Army and trying to get in to the industry. Starting in the mailroom, he gets his break through an unexpected turn of events. Alex Rocco (who won the 1990 Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for this role) and the always lovely Jane Sibbett play agency coworkers.

Season 1, Episode 1
18 September 1989

Season 1, Episode 11
Season's Greetings from Al Floss
11 December 1989

Season 1, Episode 12
Grandma Goes to Work
25 December 1989

Season 1, Episode 15
Agent of the Year
12 May 1990

The Famous Teddy Z (1989) TV series 1989-1990
Cast: Alex Rocco, Andrew Philpot, Barry Corbin, Dennis Lipscomb, Jack Armstrong, Jane Sibbett, Jon Cryer, Liz Torres, Milton Selzer, Tony DiBenedetto

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