Friday, April 8, 2011

TV's All Time Classic Comedy (1994) (TV)

Nothing new here, but just the same this is a comprehensive collection of funny bits from the previous three decades of sitcoms segregated by categories i.e. Sight Gags, Tirades, Pregnancy, etc. Presented to a live audience by an ever-mugging Martin Short, you'll see clips from "The Honeymooners" to "The Simpsons" to "Buffalo Bill" and beyond. The choice of shows was good but the clips were simply retreads, would have been nice if they had dipped into the vault for some things unseen. Lord knows there's infinite amounts that will never be seen. A lot of work went to this show and with access to the archives of the multiple networks it could and should have been better.

TV's All Time Classic Comedy (1994) (TV)
Host: Martin Short

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