Wednesday, December 21, 2011

David Foster's Christmas Album (1993) (TV)

This is one of the best if not THE BEST of the many, many Christmas offerings. Mr. Foster is still one of Hollywood's most prolific music men today and twenty years ago his muscle was just as apparent as can be discerned by this gathering of heavyweights. Of the ten guests there isn't a slack among them although there is a flack, Roberta Flack singing a fantastic version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" with Peabo Bryson. But not before Tom Jones comes out and sings a traditional selection that will remind you of his greatness, what a voice. When you see the opening, a single ballerina against a full orchestra with DF front and center at the piano you gotta know something good is coming. It just rolls like that, Johnny Mathis is next with his standard, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" sung against a very frenetic background. A very, very beautiful Vanessa Williams steps up to show her many talents with an "old negro spiritual" performed with a ballet dancing accompaniment. Next we lament along with Wynonna as she laments not being available for those whom she is close with a lovely "Blue Christmas". One of my favorites follows, "The First Noel" sung by Peabo and Ms. Flack, whom is by the way, just absolutely beautiful on this formal evening. After a break, Michael Crawford performs a very traditional "O Holy Night" very traditionally, complete with a mob of altarboys. The television evening culminates with the standard group-sing of one of the most standard of all Christmas standards, "White Christmas" with each handpicked guest taking a turn. I think I've mentioned in other reviews something about "celebrity-driven glomfests" but that doesn't always have to be bad as this is evidence. A beautiful production, two thumbs up. Merry Christmas.
David Foster's Christmas Album (1993) (TV)
Cast: Peabo Bryson, Michael Crawford, Celine Dion, Roberta Flack, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis, Ben Vereen, Vanessa Williams, Bebe & Ce Ce Wyans, Wynonna, David Foster

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