Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kathie Lee: Home For Christmas (1995) (TV)

This CBS Holiday Special starts with Kathie Lee  singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" as we watch the whole family take a sleigh ride home from the airport. Once there we're treated to some light homey banter as the whole family makes holiday plans and chooses (from what can only be a humangus rolodex) their holiday guests. Even Cody makes it known that he too wants to make some additions to the guest list, a list that will include as Kathie Lee's first choice, Kathy Mattea and as Frank's, Aaron Neville. Collectively they think Andy Williams would be a nice third choice and who disagrees? Andy Williams and Christmas go together like two great things that go great together.

Once the performances begin you see the difference between this and other Christmas specials. If the incidental writing is overlooked what is left is an excellent, reverential heartfelt document to home, family and faith. The songs are not easily recognized since they are of the non-jingley type, they may indeed be very recognizable, just not by me evidently. One downside is the time between performances as the players go through their paces but the songs are evenly spaced throughout the hour long special and they're all excellent. This is one of the lesser known of the KLG Christmas specials, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked. Merry Christmas.

Kathie Lee: Home For Christmas (1995) (TV )
Cast: Kathie Lee Gifford, Frank Gifford, Kathy Mattea, Aaron Neville, Andy Williams

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