Monday, February 16, 2009

Aaron's Way: The Harvest (1988) TV Movie

Aaron's son is killed in a car accident as he and his girlfriend are expecting their first child.

Aaron's Way: The Harvest (1988) TV Movie
Cast: Belinda Montgomery, Jessica Walter, Kathleen York, Merlin Olsen, Samantha Mathis

Merlin Olsen died a couple days ago. He was openly acknowledged as a great man and an avid humanitarian. No one didn't like Merlin Olsen. To me he was even more, he was a personal hero. The Los Angeles Rams were my childhood favorite football team. From 1970 forward until their departure in 1993, I was a "Number 1" fan. I no longer follow the NFL, and the Rams of old are a distant memory. But I will always be a "Number 1" fan of the great Merlin Olsen. RIP.

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