Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blue Yonder, The (1985) TV Movie

Disney-esque charmer about a modern day youngster, obsessed with aviation as his daredevil grandfather had been, and determined to go back in time with the old-timer next door, ex-partner of the boy's granddad, to stop the long ago flyers' daring attempt to be the first across the Atlantic during the roaring '20s - a flight that cost him his life. Peter Coyote as the flyer, Art Carney as the aged, tale-spinning neighbor, and Huckleberry Fox as the boy who travels to 1927 in a time machine gave writer/director Mark Rosman's story, commissioned by The Disney Channel, the aura Uncle Walt would have loved. "The Blue Yonder" was retitled "Time Flyer" when it made its network debut on "The Disney Sunday Movie" in February 1986.

The Blue Yonder (1985) TV Movie
Cast: Art Carney, Huckleberry Fox, Peter Coyote

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