Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Key to Rebecca, The (1985) TV Movie

In 1985, "The Key to Rebecca" was adapted into a film, directed by David Hemmings and starring David Soul as Alex Wolff and Cliff Robertson as Maj. William Vandam. Filmed in Tunisia and shot as a two-part, four-hour TV movie, the first part of which aired on WPIX on April 29, 1985, with the second part airing on May 9, 1985. Produced by Taft Entertainment in association with Castle Comb Productions, it was later shown in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and several other countries in which the novel had been popular. Nice locations, fair story.

The Key to Rebecca (1985) TV Movie
Cast: Cliff Robertson, David Soul, Lina Raymond, Robert Culp, Season Hubley

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