Monday, April 12, 2010

Blood Feud (1983) TV Movie

Life and times of the notoriously popular union boss, James (Jimmy) Hoffa Sr. Excellently done, long form (4 hours) TV movie. IMO, Blake is miscast. He doesn't look, act or sound like the real thing, but it's testament to his underrated acting abilities. You're pulled in from the opening act and you'll probably watch it straight through. Casting is outstanding, lots of notables including the great Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine as J. Edgar Hoover.
Blood Feud (1983) TV Movie
Cast: Brian Dennehy, Cotter Smith, Danny Aiello, Edward Albert, Ernest Borgnine, Forrest Tucker, José Ferrer, Lance Henriksen, Robert Blake, Sam Groom, Seymour Cassel

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