Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Girl Scott (1987) TV Movie

This heartrending TV movie stars John Lithgow and Mary Beth Hurt as the parents of a severely handicapped premature infant. Weighing a scant 20 ounces at birth, the baby girl has no esophagus and very few signs of being able to stay alive without artificial assistance. The desperate couple sign away the responsibility of their daughter to the doctors, who feel that they can pull the girl through with extensive experimental medical work. Within a week of this agreement, the cost to the couple is $71,000, an amount that will triple before the situation can be legally resolved. Though not based on any factual case, Baby Girl Scott maintains an uncomfortable reality throughout. The film first aired on May 24, 1987. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Baby Girl Scott (1987) TV Movie
Cast: John Lithgow, Mary Beth Hurt, Linda Kelsey, Ronny Cox, Mimi Kennedy, Julie Cobb, Deborah Harmon, Michael Horton, Raphael Sbarge, John M. Jackson, Robert Desiderio, Janet MacLachlan, Nancy Lenehan, Mindy Seeger, Terri Hanauer, Robina Suwol, Cathryn Perdue, Armin Shimerman

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