Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hudson Street (1995) TV series

Theme Song: "People say that love will stay Maybe today's the day This time it just feels right Maybe tonight's the night Now it may seem impossible But I'm ready to take the chance I believe lovers stars are uncrossable Because I've moved my share of rubber tree plants. People say that love will stay, Maybe today's the day."

Season 1, Episode 3
Here's Just Looking at You, Kid
3 October 1995

Season 1, Episode 4
Crime, Per Se
17 October 1995

Season 1, Episode 15
Dear Cyberspace
23 January 1996

Season 1, Episode 17
Sunday in the Station with Mickey
10 February 1996

Hudson Street (1995) TV series
Cast: Tony Danza, Lori Loughlin, Jerry Adler, Christine Dunford, Frankie J. Galasso, Tom Gallop, Shareen Mitchell, Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter, Dorothy Hack

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