Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1st Annual MTV Asia Awards, The (2002) TV Special

The biannual MTV Asia Awards is the Asian equivalent of the Europe MTV EMA. Established in 2002, the show gives recognition and awards to Asian and international icons in achievement, cinema, fashion, humanitarian, and music. Just like the EMA, most of the awards are voted for by the viewers from the Asian region. The theme for this first show is Aliens.

The latest trophy design is a gold toblerone-like bar. The twin prism shape represents the letter M and double A, the acronyms for MTV Asia Awards.

The show was absent in 2007 and was discontinued since 2009.

MTV Asia Awards 2002 - link

The 1st Annual MTV Asia Awards  (2002) TV Special
Hosts: Mandy Moore, Ronan Keating

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