Friday, January 2, 2015

Catch a Falling Star (2000) TV Movie

A Hollywood star flees the spotlight in an effort to connect with something real and ends up finding true love in a small steel town. An over-indulged film star wants to be loved for who she really is, but who is she? Is she Sydney Clarke, Hollywood megastar or Cheryl Belson, the down-to-earth Mississippi gal. As Sydney shoots her latest film on location in a small New England town, the media is relentless about her impending wedding to Hollywood leading man Ryan Stern. When things go wrong on the set, Sydney looks for solace only to find her fiance in the arms of her stand-in. Frustrated and angry, she storms into the nearby woods and gets lost. She eventually finds herself stranded in a small mill town and decides to take anonymous refuge for a while. Sydney soon finds that making decisions without a script and her personal manager, Fran Kavner, is a complex, frightening, but ultimately empowering experience.

Catch a Falling Star (2000) TV Movie
Cast: Sela Ward, Rebecca Jenkins, Andrew Jackson, Jane Curtin, John Slattery

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