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Man of the People (1991) TV series

Meet Jim Doyle. He's got all the qualifications to be a successful politician... And he's just been appointed City Councilman. He's a con man. He brings lots of "con" fidence to everything he does. He's a gambler. He likes a good race, especially if it's run by competitors with four legs. He's a hustler. Not necessarily one who'll make 12 campaign stops a day. Jim Doyle's a hustling politician who's been around the block...from the Pool Hall, all the way to City Hall. "If the race can't be won, fix it." - Jim Doyle In his time, Jim Doyle has done it all. Now, thanks to a bizarre turn of events, he's about to add City Councilman to a resumé that includes big-time pool player and "small-time grifter." Jim's past also included a failed marriage to a crusading city councilwoman who was beloved by the entire community. With her unexpected death, City Hall suddenly needed a suitable replacement. Someone with just the right background, which in political terms meant someone they could control. Jim Doyle seemed like the perfect choice, or so they thought. It turns out, Jim's been around enough unsavory characters to know when he's being hustled, and he's enough of a betting man to welcome a good challenge. So against his better instincts, and with the reluctant help of his ex-wife's loyal personal assistant, he accepts the position of City councilman. Almost instantly, he wins the people over, playing politics his own special way. In the weeks and months ahead it becomes increasingly apparent that whoever said "you can't beat City Hall" never met Jim Doyle. (NBC)

Season 1, Episode 1
15 September 1991

Season 1, Episode 3
The Pool Hall
29 September 1991

Season 1, Episode 4
Here's to You, Mrs. Lawrence
6 October 1991

Season 1, Episode 5
Of Cars and Kids and Cads
13 October 1991

Man of the People (1991) TV series
Cast: James Garner, Corinne Bohrer, George Wyner, Romy Windsor, Taylor Nichols, Kate Mulgrew

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