Friday, May 7, 2010

Something So Right (1996) TV series 1996-1998

A 90s version of "The Brady Bunch". I feel like I should say more but that pretty much says it all. Jere Burns is the best part of the show.

Season 1, Episode 24
Something About Getting the Hell Out of Here
6 May 1997

Season 2, Episode 5
Something About Hoops and Jumping Through Them
20 March 1998

Season 2, Episode 8
Something About Egg on Your Farce
7 April 1998

Season 2, Episode 9
Something About a Second Year
14 April 1998

Something So Right (1996) TV series 1996-1998
Cast: Billy L. Sullivan, Emily Ann Lloyd, Jere Burns, Marnette Patterson, Mel Harris

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