Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Beach Boys, The: An American Family (2000) TV Movie

Dramatization of the early years, from their formation in the early 1960s to their peak of popularity as musical innovators, through their late-60s decline (and Brian Wilson's beginning battle with mental illness), to their re-emergence in 1974 as a nostalgia and "goodtime" act.

The movie was shown in two parts on ABC Television, and featured a good deal of original studio and session material by the band, which forms the backdrop to the story. Music that couldn't be licensed for the production, but was important to the story (such as the Smile album sessions, and music by criminal Charles Manson, who had collaborated with Dennis Wilson), was filled in with sound-alikes, reminiscent of the original recordings.

The Beach Boys: An American Family (2000) TV Movie
Cast: Kevin Dunn, Frederick Weller, Alley Mills, Nick Stabile, Matt Letscher, Ned Vaughn

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