Monday, December 29, 2014

Mayor of Hollywood, The: Johnny Grant's 50th Anniversary in Show Business (1990) TV Special

Equal parts documentary, biography, anniversary show and tome this two hour title is beyond rare, it's non-existent. No information of any kind can be found regarding this title and that is unfortunate since it is far and away the most important offering in this archive. A tale of a simple man who went far using his gracious smile and winning personality, nobody didn't love Johnny Grant. For five decades Johnny Grant was almost everywhere, openings, red carpets, anything Hollywood. One thing made apparent here is the behind the scenes work of Mr. Grant. One example, The Hollywood Christmas Parade. That was Johnny's idea and it's a tradition that lives on today. Thank you Johnny.

On a personal note, when I lived in Hollywood (just north of the boulevard) Johnny Grant was very visible. You could see him toddling around all the time and if you hollered to him, "Hey Johnny" he would always turn and greet you with a "Hi there... " or a "How are you today?" always graciously. When he passed in 2008 a BIG part of Hollywood went with him, this production does well to show his humanity in a packed 90+ minutes. Look for anyone who was alive at this time to make an appearance in this five decade tour of Hollywood with all the trappings.

The Mayor of Hollywood: Johnny Grant's 50th Anniversary in Show Business (1990) TV Special
Cast: Bob Hope, Johnny Grant, Assorted

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