Friday, December 26, 2014

Roe vs. Roe: Baptism by Fire (1998) TV Documentary

This documentary is a surprise only in that it's from the uber-liberal HBO. This is not only an excellent documentary it's also my absolute favorite title in the entire archive. Not just among the 1400+ current posts but also among the thousands of yet to be posts. Norma McCorvey is an American hero in the most unassuming way. Humble, fully disclosed and struggling, her person and her humanity has been tested and frankly, beaten. Still unshakeable in her Christian faith she has not only disavowed her alleged support of pro-abortion protest activities but she has also disavowed her homosexuality. She is one of my favorite persons on the planet and watching this makes me want to reach right through the TV and hug her warmly. An update would be welcome as we approach 17 years out.

Two most important things I derived from this production? First, the confirmation I personally feel as regards the DNC. These are scumbags of the highest order, if Jane Roe was your party darling in the past why not now? You will always hear libs using her name (ie Roe v Wade) without any knowledge of the woman herself, Norma McCorvey. As we approach the 2016 elections there is an absolute guarantee that the DNC WON'T be dragging her around on the campaign trail. Secondly, a new respect for one Gloria Allred. As a native of the southland she has always been a part of my adult life and it's rarely been a good part. Her actions here were also heroic if not unsung. In fact, I firmly believe the next time you hear about Ms. McCorvey in the popular media will be when she dies, hopefully many years from now.

Obviously to find out more on this topic refer to wikipedia but one thing I didn't see there is the answer to this question. Why was the name "Jane Roe" used instead of "Jane Doe" as might be expected?

Roe vs. Roe: Baptism by Fire (1998) TV Documentary
Cast: Connie Gonzales, Norma McCorvey

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