Monday, March 22, 2010

Code One (1989) TV Series

Hosted by Pernell Roberts, this was a show similar to "Rescue 911" but the focus here was on the operators that take the emergency calls. The title, "Code One" refers to (according to Roberts) calls that are life and death.

"Tonight, you will meet the men and women on the line. No actors, nothing re-created. Real cops, medics, rescue squads. The actual people who come when you call for help. Whether it be an accident, an argument, or they might be frightened, confused or just lonely. Of the 1 call in 20 that is designated 'Code One', a call concerning life and death".

This had all the signs of a successful show, who knows what happened. It isn't listed as part of his bio and google search finds nothing. One funny thing, with all the real-life footage of emergency operators, you see cigarette laden ashtrays EVERYWHERE! Almost everyone is actively smoking, smoke in the air is very noticeable. I imagine a 12 hour shift over a big 3-day weekend taking urgent calls of every crazy nature, drinking endless cups of coffee and chainsmoking non-stop. Whew, hard core. Worth the watch.

Code One (1989) TV Series
Host: Pernell Roberts

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