Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Island Son (1989) TV series 1989-1990

Island Son marked the return to regular weekly series television of Richard Chamberlain, who had not so appeared since his Dr. Kildare  series almost 25 years earlier. In the interim he had enjoyed a somewhat successful career in feature films, and had become widely known as "The King of the Miniseries" due to his success in that format.
Chamberlain once again portrayed a dedicated medical doctor, Dr. Daniel Kulani. Kulani was born in Hawaii and practiced on the mainland for many years prior to his return to work at the fictional Kamehameha Medical Center in Honolulu. Kulani's complicated life involved his stressful work environment; his adoptive parents, Tutu and Nana; his 18-year-old son, Sam; and his love interest, high school drama teacher Nina Delaney. Dr. Kulani's complicated life was never resolved to the satisfaction of the viewers because the program was canceled in March 1990.

Season 1, Episode 11
The Christmas Story
21 December 1989 

Season 1, Episode 13
Icarus Falling
11 January 1990

Island Son (1989) TV series 1989-1990
Cast: Betty Carvalho, Brynn Thayer, Carol Huston, Clyde Kusatsu, Michael W. Perry, Richard Chamberlain, Timothy Carhart, William McNamara

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