Friday, March 26, 2010

Eighties, The (1989) (TV)

This is probably the best work either Brokaw or Pauley have ever done, individually or collectively, and ironically it isn't listed on either bio. Tons of other junk, but this great show, no way. From late in December 1989, Tom and Jane walk us through the decade that was the eighties. Excellent editing and composition using the deep archives of the NBC news machine, literally from 5 seconds in you'll see memory jogging imagery. Special footage of the Berlin Wall before and during it's destruction, the Soviet Union (USSR), Vanessa Williams, Pete Rose, Jim and Tammy Faye, and best of all Ronald Reagan. It's not perfect, there's an environmental segment that's a miss. You'll hear Jane say "global warming" and sound the alarm about what to expect for the next two decades. There's much more and it ends with a touching, long obituary roll call. A very nice way to close out a decade. Bravo.

The Eighties (1989) (TV)
Hosts: Jane Pauley, Tom Brokaw

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