Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fatal Judgement (1988) TV Movie

A Massachusetts nurse is accused of exercising fatal judgment in this made-for-TV movie. While tending a seriously ill cancer patient, the nurse administered a generous dose of morphine. The patient died, which is why the woman is now on trial for murder. Joe Regalbuto and Tom Conti co-star as, respectively, the nurse's loving husband and a two-fisted defense attorney. Based on a true story, "Fatal Judgment" first aired October 18, 1988 - precisely one half hour after the debut of Roseanne, which proved not to be a case of fatal judgment. ~ Hal Erickson

Fatal Judgement (1988) TV Movie
Cast: Crystal McKellar, Dana Gladstone, Jo Henderson, Joe Regalbuto, Patty Duke, Tom Conti

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