Monday, May 7, 2012

Submerged (2001) TV Movie

On 12 May, following a yard overhaul, Squalus began a series of test dives off Portsmouth, New Hampshire. After successfully completing 18 dives, she went down again off the Isles of Shoals on the morning of 23 May at 42°53′N 70°37′W. Failure of the main induction valve caused the flooding of the aft torpedo room, both engine rooms, and the crew's quarters, drowning 26 men immediately. Quick action by the crew prevented the other compartments from flooding. Squalus bottomed in 243 ft (74 m) of water.

Submerged (2001) TV Movie
Cast: Sam Neill, Shea Whigham, Emily Procter, Hugh O'Conor, Raymond Waring, Jenna Harrison, James Sikking

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