Friday, March 5, 2010

Salute to Our Troops, A (1991) (TV)

Not to be confused with "All-Star Salute to Our Troops" also from 1991, this is a local production of KABC7, AM/LA, a Los Angeles morning show of the period. Even though the production values are noticably low or no budget (Tony Orlando is wearing a jogging suit) they still were able to get a pretty good draw for a 9AM weekday freebie. Hosted by the long-running stud Steve Edwards and local TV icon and 1976 Miss America, Tawny Little. Who was coincidentally a former wife of John Schneider, just one of the musical perfomers on this celebratory morning. Along with Ben Vereen (who frankly comes off a little "tipsy") dancing his ass off, Clint Black, Tony Orlando, Sheena Easton, Billy Vera and others make for a nifty version of a morning show. Extremely rare!

A Salute to Our Troops (1991) (TV)
Cast: Ben Vereen, Charlton Heston, Sheena Easton, Steve Edwards, Tawny Little, assorted

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