Sunday, March 7, 2010

Torkelsons, The (1991) TV series 1991-1992

As a single mother of five, Mrs. Millicent Torkelson is a do-it-yourself-er with a flair for finding ingenious ways to make ends meet. Her oldest daughter Dorothy is a sensitive dreamer who finds solace by talking to the man in the moon. The rest of the clan includes Steven, Chuckie, Mary Sue and Ruth Ann, all of whom easily get themselves in and out of trouble. Making the best of bad times.

Season 1, Episode 3
A Kiss is Still a Kiss
5 October 1991

Season 1, Episode 13
Double Date
9 January 1992

Season 1, Episode 20
Aunt Poison
13 June 1992

The Torkelsons (1991) TV series 1991-1992
Cast: Anna Slotky, Connie Ray, Olivia Burnette, Rachel Duncan, William Schallert

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